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added January 2023

LAW OF SOCIAL SECURITY  last reform published Jan. 20, 2023 - effective date July 20, 2023
added January 2023 REGULATORY LAW OF CONSTITUTIONAL ARTICLE 27 ON NUCLEAR MATTERS  Published in the DOF on February 4, 1985 last reform published 09-04-2012 

LAW- Published in the DOF on June 5, 2018 last reform published April 28, 2022 

REGULATION - Published in the DOF on December 9, 2020

added Feb 2023

DECREE establishing various actions regarding glyphosate and genetically modified corn.

Published in the DOF on February 13, 2023


FEB 2023

NOM-002-1-SCT-2009, List of the most commonly transported hazardous substances and materials, instructions and use of containers and packaging, intermediate bulk containers (RIGS), large containers and packaging, portable tanks, containers multi-element gas and bulk containers for the transport of hazardous materials and wastes.  Published in the DOF on March 4, 2010 effective date on May 03, 2010

FEB 2023

NOM-029-SCT2-2011, Specifications for the construction and reconstruction of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), intended for the transport of hazardous substances, materials and wastes. Published in the DOF on January 17, 2012


FEB 2023 NOM-057-SCT2-2003, General requirements for the design and construction of tankers designated for the transport of compressed gases, specification SCT 331. Published in the DOF on Jan. 26, 2004
March 2023 Law of Organic products, Regulation of the law of Organic Products
MARCH 24, 2023 General Law of Health - Reform published 24-03-2024 Article 261 Bis added
March 24, 2023 Social Security Law and 2 Regulations      New reform that affects Maternity leave published March 24, 2023